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Update ish type thing

Ive been putting this off for awhile now, because Ive had better things to do but now seems to be good time to do this. 

As some of you may have noticed (If any of you actually cared to notice) I haven’t been using tumblr at all for the most parts. On rare occasion I will hop on and just check things out, but not exactly be active. Reason being is well, I’ve found better things to do, and being on the computer for most of days weren’t the best way to spend my time. I also found myself always sad in some way whenever I used tumblr so theres another reason.

Not saying that tumblr makes you sad in any way, for some of you it can be a way to vent, and thats okay. Some of you may be on here to just kill time and thats fine too, but whenever I used it, I was always bummed. This is when I learned something about myself, I learned that if i’m not always doing something, I get bummed out. So theres that. 

So far this isnt much of an update, its more of a reason why I don’t use tumblr. So hears an update on my life for those who care. 

I guess you can say my life has just been chilled out to say the least. I became more involved in church again and i’ve also found myself volunteering more. I use to volunteer a lot back in the day, but now I’m actually looking for things to volunteer for. My Church is very involved with the community and helping out so thats where i’ve found myself most of the time. 

I guess thats where I can say thats when im the most happy, whenever Im volunteering. If I can do anything to help or benefit others, then Im the happiest man on Earth. I can honestly say that I would rather help others then help myself. Now when I say that I mean that I would go out of my way to help others than go do something on my own time that.

So theres my update, maybe this answers questions for some of you where i’ve been and what i’ve been up to. 

As for the future I’ll probably be using this blog what its meant to be used for, and that is well a blog. I will actually be writing stuff about my opinions on certain things, posting pictures of stuff, and updates on my life. 

Thats another thing I forgot to add, one thing I also found about myself is that i really enjoy writing. So this will be an outlet for that as well. 

If you actually took the time to read all this you must have been bored out of your mind and nothing better to do, but thanks for reading anyways. This has been an update. 

- Reed 

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Bring Me The Horizon by Idora Yasin | Photography on Flickr.

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